"Camplify students observe leadership skills in their first two years, practice those in middle school, and internalize those skills as high school students."


A study conducted through the UNC Chapel Hill Kenan-Flaglar School of Business shows the benefit of Camplify. According to our families, 100% of parents reported that, after camp, their child was more responsible. 94% agreed that their camper was more confident, adaptable, and collaborative. 

Research suggests that the skills campers learn last far beyond their camp experience, and help them in school, when they attend college, and in their first jobs. Camp experiences are statistically proven to teach social skills, promote staying physically active, encourage respect of nature, and foster self-confidence.

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Teamwork + Goal Setting + Perseverance


A child may see how learning to paddle a canoe with a partner as fun. Here's what we see: they learn to communicate, not only verbally, but by watching and reacting. They learn that both people in the boat are somewhat "in control". If you want to get where you want to go, you can't do it alone or by overpowering the other person. They are learning teamwork.

A child may see shooting a bow and arrow as an activity with immediate gratification.  They may see it as a way to compete with themselves and others in a friendly environment. Here's what we see:  the child learns that there are fundamentals to shooting a bow: technique, safety and patience. They learn the virtues of goal setting and that it takes practice to become better. Hitting the bullseye keeps them engaged, while practicing skills that become habits for life.



Camplify Mission


Camplify offers a camp based youth development journey building leaders within our community

Camplify grants children the opportunity to develop skills outside of the classroom -- skills that every 21st century employer looks for, and skills that every person deserves to learn. Through our progressive programs, students beginning in grade 4 learn about responsibility, respect, ethics, collaboration, goal-setting, and more.