Camplify provides a nine year leadership journey of camp and experiential learning programs for local youth. Camplify promotes high-quality, immersive experiences outside of school for children who otherwise lack such enriching opportunities. Our agency is closing the gap in learned developmental outcomes such as 21st century leadership skills, ensuring all Camplify youth have access to camp experiences and monthly programs that support their individual needs. We achieve this through building skills at residential summer camps as well as mini-retreats throughout the school year.

Unique programs such as Camplify remove barriers that prevent youth from reaching their full potential while establishing a more successful future with them. Our program was conceived because of the disproportionate percentage of children in WNC who go without. In 1994, our founder had high hopes that kids-in-need could become more well-rounded citizens and have more prosperous futures if they were granted effective leadership opportunities. What began as a volunteer-run weekend camp has morphed into results-based programming that changes family trees.

Camplify has evolved into a journey of five cost-effective, results-driven programs for 200 youth annually beginning with a nomination from school counselors in the 4th grade. Our agency added a weeklong camp in addition to two weekend programs in 2007. By 2009, we incorporated year-round programming so that participants could build their skills even further. Camplify partners not only with fifteen elementary schools, but also with our loving and committed families to support their children with peer mentors and positive role models. Students from every neighborhood have the chance to thrive regardless of means at Camplify. In the past 25 years, we have impacted over 3,000 little lives.