Camplify believes in the power of camp and experiential learning. Our community has a shared goal of creating productive, goal-oriented, intelligent future citizens. Our joint hope is that our local community and economy will continue to expand with the help of this next generation. However, families face many barriers to achieving these goals on their own. Though everyone understands the importance of 21st century skills, young folks are learning less about adaptability, responsibility, goal-setting, and more from positive role models and peer supports. It takes a village, which is where Camplify steps in.

Our agency strives to complement local families and educators with curriculum that students need to success. Camplify grants students the opportunity to develop soft skills outside of the classroom -- skills that every 21st century employer looks for, and skills that every person deserves to learn.

Sponsors help to offset and even cover the cost of many of our most important programs. Take a peek at how your business can help local families while also receiving beneficial promotion. Camplify celebrates our sponsors all year long.  Local businesses share meaningful gifts with Camplify through our major event that funds over 50% of our program costs each year.  Find out about sponsorship opportunities during the Barbeque Ball.