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Camplify was conceived because of the disproportionate percentage of local families and children who go without. In western North Carolina, a quarter of children live below the poverty line. Our founder had high hopes that many local kids could become more well-rounded citizens and have more prosperous futures if they were granted leadership opportunities. We’ve tried many approaches but always stayed true to one thing: students will benefit from spending time with positive role models and peer supports at residential camp.


Today, our mission to serve local youth continues. Residential camps in Western North Carolina are a luxury that local middle-class families cannot afford. Our agency attemps to bridge the gap between leadership skills learned at pricey camps by bringing local young leaders to those camps. They, in turn, become leadership ambassadors at their schools, in their neighborhoods, and more. Because of the tremendous things that local teachers, counselors, and the Boys and Girls Club so graciously do, something beautiful is happening. Children are able to experience leadership training that will shape their lives. Up to seventy four local 4th grade students are identified by their school counselor or staff at the Boys and Girls Club in the spring of each year to begin the nine year leadership journey. The majority of students that are nominated to participate in Camplify live at 185% of the poverty line but we welcome children from all walks of life.


Our partners work to ensure that students from every neighborhood have the chance to thrive through our nine year leadership journey. Camplify comes alongside all nominated families to support kids with leadership development, peer mentors, and positive role models. Our goal? Engage students who have the potential to become vibrant future leaders.