If you have been through the summer camp experience, you probably have a great understanding about how experiential learning and team-based learning allow kids to explore, communicate, and develop life-skills in a fun, safe, supportive atmosphere.  If you haven't experienced this type of learning, allow us to draw some parallels.


Teamwork, Communication


A child may see the process of learning to paddle with a partner in a canoe as a fun way to be on the water and get wet.  Here's what we see:  The child is learning to work with another person on many levels.  They learn to communicate, not only verbally, but also by watching and reacting to what their partner is doing. They learn that both people in the boat are somewhat "in control" and if you want to get where you want to go, you can't do it alone or by overpowering the other person...they are learning teamwork.


Patience, Perseverance, Goal Setting


A child may see shooting a bow and arrow as a great passtime with immediate feedback and gratification of hitting a target.  They may see it as a way to compete with themselves and other campers in a friendly environment.  Here's what we see:  The child learns that there are fundamentals to shooting a bow...technique, safety and patience.  They also learn the virtues of goal setting and that it takes work (albeit fun) to become better and accomplish those goals. Hitting the bullseye time after time gives the child immediate feedback that keeps them engaged, while practicing skills over and over that become habits for life.



Camplify Mission


Those parallels may help you better understand our mission: Camplify uses a series of camp-based and experiential learning programs to teach kids-in-need the life skills required to succeed and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Camplify grants students the opportunity to develop skills outside of the classroom -- skills that every 21st century employer looks for, and skills that every person deserves to learn. Through our progressive programs, students from grades 4 - 12 learn about responsibility, respect, ethics, collaboration, goal-setting, and more. Camplify takes a long-term view of children’s futures. Watch out world, here they come: the responsible leaders of tomorrow that you've been looking for.