Camplify uses a series of camp-based programs to teach students leadership and life skills.  These are the very same skills and experiential learning strategies that western North Carolina summer camps have been utilizing for many years.

The first Camplify experience is weekend camp at Camp Bob at Kanuga.  Programs begin in the spring of students’ 4th grade year when Camp Bob opens their doors to serve Camplify youth. This two-night pilot, just like every following experience, hinges upon our Leadership Competency Model. Up to 85 students in 4th grade, through intentional programming, embark on a journey that expands their knowledge of responsibility, respect, ethics, collaboration, goal setting, and more.  Most of these students will graduate after three weekend experiences into the next phase of learning, weeklong summer camp.


Weeklong Summer Camp


These same students, based upon excellent participation, continue for two more weekend camps during their 5th grade year. All of this comes together when, at last, they attend a week of summer camp for the following three summers. During weeklong camp, students thrive with positive role models and peer supports. They practice exhibiting lifelong leadership skills as well as day-to-day values. In August 2016, Camp Pinnacle hosted weeklong camp. For more information about Camp Pinnacle, visit

Children who are successful at Weekend Camp and Weeklong Camp are invited to participate in our third tier, Pathmakers, throughout their middle school years.


Western North Carolina Camp Community - Our Partners and Silent Heroes


Camplify appreciates how gracious the local camp community is to our children. As an additional perk, residential summer camps sometimes offer individual camp scholarships to Camplify students. This summer, more than 40 students will attend a residential camp during a traditional session, up to five weeks. This acts as an optional fourth tier of our programming.