Unlike other groups or missions that focus on a child's academics or physical health, Camplify is dedicated to a child's character. Camplify connects over 200 youth in Western North Carolina with skill-building opportunities that will benefit the community for decades to come. Today, Camplify offers five different extraordinarily cost-effective, results-driven programs through a ladder of opportunities that seek to enhance the lives of students.

In 1994, a local leader identified that Henderson County, just like much of Western North Carolina, was saturated with residential summer camps. These camps had been serving much of the US population and even the world. However, students in Henderson County were not granted the same opportunity due to multiple barriers, including finances. Our partnership began that summer with Kanuga Conference Center and has grown ever since.

Our challenge is to ensure that our local students have the ability to grow into confident and influential leaders in Western North Carolina. We achieve this through building skills at residential summer camps as well as mini-retreats throughout the school year.